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Smooth Planed 1x4

For an incredible looking wood with a wide range of colors and grain pattern, the sinker Sinker Cypress or Longleaf Pine should be considered.   The Pecky Sinker Cypress has a figuring not found in any other wood.   Our beautiful reclaimed Longleaf Pine is certainly a customer favorite because of it's traditional looks and durability. We also have a limited availability of reclaimed Cypress, salvaged from old structures in Louisiana.   With nail holes and bolt holes, Reclaimed woods have the marks of 80+ years of use.

Dimensions 3/4" thick x 3-1/2".  Lengths: random, 2' & longer; specific lengths are available for an extra charge.

Smooth Planed 1x4
  • Pecky Sinker Cypress headboard
0.70 lbs./linear ft.
0.000 inches
$4.15/linear ft.

linear ft.
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