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Slabs of Buried Cypress Log BC001

According to independent laboratory testing via radio-carbondating, log BC01/BC02 (it was one tree, cut in two) has been buried since 970 A.D.!   It was about 750 years old when it fell and became buried, which means it began growing around 220 A.D,, 1796 years ago! 

Their dimensions (all 3.25" thick): slab BC01-01 is 14" to 21" x138",    slab BC01-05 is 44" to 44" x 138",   slab BC01-07 is  to 47" x 54" x 138",  and (PERFECT) slab BC01-10 is 3" x 40" to 48" x 136".   

Slab BC01-02 is SOLD ,Slab BC01-03 is SOLD, slab BC01-04 is SOLD, Slab BC01-06 is SOLD, Slab BC01-08 is SOLD,  slab BC01-09 is SOLD, slab BC01-11 is SOLD,  slab BC01-12 is SOLD, slab BC01-13 is SOLD, slab BC01-14 is SOLD,  slab BC01-15 is SOLD,  slab BC01-16 is SOLD, slab BC01-17 is SOLD.

We would be happy to email photos of the other side of any slab.   Any staining resulting from us sawing through muddy crevices on the slabs easily removes with a light sanding; see our test area on slab BC01-07 near the bottom by top half of the letter "B".  **Special note: slab BC01-10, our most perfect big piece, has been beautifully sanded and finished with a water based urethane, and is ready for immediate use as a table.

Here's what world events were happening when it was just a sapling: