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Sinker Cypress writing desk

Sent by Bill Miller

Last year I placed an order with you for Sinker Cypress. I told you I was going to make a desk with this wood and follow up with pictures, and I didn't forget. I just finished making the desk from plans in Woodsmith No 86. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the results, the wood was a pleasure to work with, the whole desk is solid wood with panels that I had to edge glue to make the sides, top, and writing surfaces. I tried to match the boards so that they would blend together, the grain and growth rings and colors are just terrific. I ran into a few knots and worm holes but I didn't try to cut around them, I left them as part of the character of the wood. Woodworking is just a hobby with me, I have made a lot of furniture for the house; but this one, with sinker cypress, is my showpiece. Hope you get the pictures ok Best Regards

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