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These items are sold at prices that include shipping via US Postal Service or UPS Ground (in the continental USA), usually shipping out a few days after you order.  They are exempt from our normal $300 minimum purchase requirement.

The sinker Cypress cutting boards are 7/8" x 11" x 16" and can also be used for display or as a serving tray.  The wood is soft, so it's easy on your knives and cleans up well with soap and water.  We recommend a wax or mineral oil on the surface periodically.  If unsigtly cut marks develop, you can sand them and they'll look as good as new!

The buried Cypress slabs are really something special.  You can see all the full length slabs and the incredible story elsewhere on our website, but these are smaller sections of some of them.  SPECIAL NOTE: WE WILL SELL SMALL (2'+ long) SECTIONS OF ANY BURIED CYPRESS SLAB.  They are suitable for small tables or display or serving trays or even as massive cutting boards .  Imagine a 500 to 2,700 year old Cypress piece, buried for eons, in your home or office.  What a great gift !   Each comes with that slabs' lab report and a signed certificate from us, authenticating it's approximate age.  They are typically 2" x 12" x 24" and larger.