Customer Photos

Beautiful small storage box from buried Cypress BC04b-3 slab.

Sent by Mike Keener of Austin Fine Woodworks

This eye-catching wood box and the history behind it makes a great conversation piece and is guaranteed to grab the attention of friends and family. It is built from a piece of ancient cypress from the pre-European forests of Southern Louisiana that became buried under 40 feet of mud around 540 A.D.. Professional radiocarbon date testing places the cypress tree’s age at 1,725 years. (The certificate of authenticity is included with purchase.) The oversized asymmetrical lid with natural live edge puts much of the ancient wood on display, and much of the natural texture from the cypress is left intact in the finishing process — you can practically picture the ancient cypress when you run your hand along the lid’s ridges. The corner splines are made from Wenge, and the handle is made from walnut. The interior is lined with black velvet to protect any items inside. Keep this one-of-a-kind piece on the coffee table to hold remote controls and phone chargers in one convenient location as shown in the example photo. It also works great as a man’s valet box to hold wallet, tie clips, cuff links, and other necessities.

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