News Release

Wild Turkey Bourbon & Old Cypress Enthusiasts Rejoice!

Wild Turkey cypress fermentation tanks

In the old days, Wild Turkey Distillery of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky built their large fermentation tanks out of virgin growth Cypress. Cypress was the only wood suitable to hold their prized ingredients of water, corn, barley, and rye. These fermented to become the Bourbon “mash” under exacting conditions and care. Later, they were aged for years in charred barrels to become Kentucky Bourbon.

Jimmy Krantz with Wild Turkey master distiller Jim Russell

These Cypress tanks were placed into production circa 1925 and retired in the 1990’s. Of the original 15 tanks, we have the only two that were salvaged. They were about 15’ high and 15’ diameter, holding 15,000 gallons each. Over the years, millions of gallons of Wild Turkey Bourbon were fermented in them; chances are if you drank their Bourbon, it was processed though these tanks.

We have recovered this beautiful Cypress and offer it to for your projects. It has wonderful fragrance and coloring from the grain mash. Sizes range from 1-1/4” to 2-1/2” thick, 4” to 8” wide, and up to 15’ long. It can be milled to a variety of sizes and patterns. Your wood will come with a certificate of authenticity by master distiller Jimmy Russell; he’s been with Wild Turkey since 1954.

Wood from Wild Turkey cypress fermentation tank

Wood, the way it used to be.

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